Your Neighbors Are Doing It .. Why Aren’t You?

Metal roofing has become one of the fastest growing segments in home modernization.

 Why Metal?

  • It lasts virtually forever. In 10-12 years when you are replacing your worn out shingle roof, your neighbors metal roof will still be as good as new. And 10-12 years after that, as well.
  • Today’s metal roofs are attractive and colorful. Metal roofs no longer have that “barn” look.
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs. Metal provides greater insulation than asphalt shingles, lowering your heating and cooling bills.
  • Lifetime warranties. At ASI, we warranty our metal roofs for the life of the home. If, in the unlikely event that your roof needs service or repair, we will fix it free.

So why haven’t more people installed metal roofs on their home or business?

The general conception is that metal roofing costs much more than asphalt shingles. And normally, that is true. Especially in a struggling economy, most folks are reluctant to invest in what they may consider a luxury.

However, at ASI Improvement, you can get an attractive, durable metal roof with a lifetime warranty for the same cost as shingles .. or LESS!

So call us today for an estimate and never replace your roof again.

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