Your Neighbors Are Doing It .. Why Aren’t You?

Metal roofing has become one of the fastest growing segments in home modernization.

 Why Metal?

  • It lasts virtually forever. In 10-12 years when you are replacing your worn out shingle roof, your neighbors metal roof will still be as good as new. And 10-12 years after that, as well.
  • Today’s metal roofs are attractive and colorful. Metal roofs no longer have that “barn” look.
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs. Metal provides greater insulation than asphalt shingles, lowering your heating and cooling bills.
  • Lifetime warranties. At ASI, we warranty our metal roofs for the life of the home. If, in the unlikely event that your roof needs service or repair, we will fix it free.

So why haven’t more people installed metal roofs on their home or business?

The general conception is that metal roofing costs much more than asphalt shingles. And normally, that is true. Especially in a struggling economy, most folks are reluctant to invest in what they may consider a luxury.

However, at ASI Improvement, you can get an attractive, durable metal roof with a lifetime warranty for the same cost as shingles .. or LESS!

So call us today for an estimate and never replace your roof again.

(810) 245-3919 or (800) 491-5115 Toll Free

Read what others are saying about ASI Improvement, The Last Roof Ever Guys.

From the quality of work they did on my job I would recommend ASI to anyone

I love our new metal roof. I am not sure where the negative review is coming from. My guess is he is a competitors, due to explaining he has all these degrees and is in the construction industry, because everyone I talked to who has had their roof installed by ASI has said nothing but […]

Geofff Perez

It’s great to see people stopping in the road to look at my roof. Thank you Joe and ASI

After researching metal roofs for about two years, I am so happy with my choice of roofing company. ASI not only knew what they were doing and did it right, but was my lowest bid of the three. Do your research, a metal roof is the way to go and ASI is worth the wait […]

Dwight Dennings

It’s nice to know that he actually cares about quality and not just making a buck

The thing I was most impressed with was that Joe the owner came to my house several times while the work was being done and again when it was done. He said he just wanted to make sure everything was being done right. It’s nice to know that he actually cares about quality and not […]

Tom Nielson

This company was awesome with every thing they did

This company was awesome with every thing they did for we had them put a ultra 2000 metal roof on with gutter and they had it done in less than a day and it was very affordable. James in Lapeer, Mi.

James in Lapeer, Mi.

A great company to have worked with on our home

Mr. Miller and his whole crew were always pleasant and professional. They did the job they said they would do. A great company to have worked with on our home. Robert and Mary B. in North Branch, MI.

Robert and Mary B. in North Branch, MI.

I would recomend this company highly

asi has done some home improvements for me and i was highly satisfied. I would recomend this company highly. Susan McDonald

Susan McDonald

Best company ever

I would definitely recommend ASI Improvement to anyone. Leon S.

Leon S.

5 stars all the way

They did everything they promised and more. 5 stars all the way. Steve S.

Steve S.

This is a great company

This is a great company. They replaced my roof with metal and even installed aluminum trim. It looks great and the price was about the same or even less than some of the quotes I got for singles. Katherine M

Katherine M

Highly recommend ASI !!

We recently had a metal roof installed on our home from ASI Improvement Company. They did an AWESOME job, these are great people to deal with !!! Highest quality and the most reasonable price !! We had several other estimates, but ASI beat them all. Our house looks incredible now, and no more worries about […]

Kevin G.

Joe Miller at ASI home improvements is the best to call

Joe Miller at ASI home improvements is the best to call if you ever need metal roofing installed properly efficiency and with great pride. Cheryl Ann Sobota

Cheryl Ann Sobota

You will not be disappointed when you contact Joe for a new roof

Just brought my crew to jump on with one of Joe guys. The home owner had nothing but great things to say about Joe and his company. The next day I pulled up the home owner was out and he was happy when he seen the 7 workers I had jump out of my Tahoe. […]

Dougie Richardson

ASI was a great company to work with

I’ve been looking into the benefits of metal roofing for years and the price was the only thing stopping me. I saw one of Joe’s signs saying “cheaper then shingles” so I called and his price really was cheaper then any of the quotes I got for a shingle roof that only lasts 15-30 years. […]

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